4 Benefits Of Drinking Wine

juicing vs drinking wine

For those of you who are looking to start drinking wine, there are many benefits of why you should drink wine. Obviously most people drink it for taste and getting a little bit of the edge off your body.  However, there are truly many benefits in drinking wine which are clinically proven.

Here are 6 benefits of why you should start:

  1. Drinking wine is good for your heart.  According to Mayo Clinic, the antioxidants that you get in wine will help prevent heart disease.
  2. It will lower cholesterol level especially if you combine it with working out.  Studies have shown for people that workout at least twice a week and drink regularly at least 2-3 glasses every day have shown an improvement in cholesterol.
  3. Drink wine and you will live longer.  In places where there are many people who live beyond 100 years old, common routine in their daily diet is drinking wine.  People who drink wine have a 34% lower mortality rate.
  4. More wine equals healthier brain. A recent study shows that people who drink wine regularly have a lower risk of dementia.

Another alternative drink to shoot for is juicing.  If you are not into alcoholic wine, then juicing might be an option for you especially if you already eat lots of fruits and vegetables. In the next posts, I will explore more about juicing.  Stay tuned!