Improve Your Blood Sugar With These Two Easy To Follow Tips

juicing for blood sugar

Let’s face it.  There are more people with diabetes than ever before.  I help many clients with diabetes to come up with a health nutrition and exercise plan that they can easily follow and implement on a daily basis.  The increase is diabetes is mainly caused by all the foods around us.

There are two tips easy tips that I tell all my clients to start right away.  These tips are small tweaks to your daily routine.  These tips are not hard to follow.  These tweaks however can make a different in keeping your blood sugar in line.

First thing to do is taking a walk after each meal.  Taking a walk after each meal will decrease blood sugar by up to 22%.  Take a walk after breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I know that not every one can take walks after a meal.  You could be at work or taking care of chores after a meal.  However, if you have time at least do a 10 minute walk in one of the meals of the day. I’m not talking about running, just a simple walk will greatly decrease your blood sugar. If you can do a walk after all the meals of the day, then great.  If not, it is not the end of the world, just try to do one of the meals where you do a short walk.

Secondly, during meals eat your carbs last.  Go for your protein or vegetables first.  This will decrease your blood sugar by up to 29%.  The reasoning behind this is your body slows down on absorbing carbohydrates when you eat meat or vegetables first.  Which in turn lower your blood sugar.  This is really simple to implement.  You are not giving up anything.  You are simply changing the order of how you eat your food.

One bonus tip: Start juicing. If you hate eating tons of vegetables and fruits. Juicing will allow you to consume all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables without having to eat them manually.  Not only are they nutritious but also delicious.

There you have it folks.  These two simple tweaks will greatly help you in controlling your blood sugar.  These are the first advice I give my clients and I always see an improvement on their blood sugar reading.